Employee of Philippine Prudential Life Insurance (PPLIC) Apologized!

Do you still remember the employee who lured me into signing up for an insurance with PPLIC?

Guess what, she apologized! If you don't remember, here's the post and you'll see her picture. And if you're still clueless on how to cancel your policy, here's a complete resource on how to do it.

So here goes her letter. (Click on the image to maximize)
I think the apology goes to all those who were fooled to sign up and whose time were wasted.


Anonymous said...

But Phil prudential Life Insurance still continuing their SCAM-LIKE WAY OF SELLING of their insurance, cant they come up with more decent way?

its not only the money their wasting, but also the time, how long will it take them to let you have your refund, i pity for all the victims, i almost become one but i stay firm of SAYING NO cuz i find something fishy bec they told me that you NEED TO DECIDE ON THE SPOT, not tom not next week but THAT TIME ONLY, i was like what kind of insurance company wont let you think of things over if you were talking bout your future right? hence they only WANT YOUR MONEY >.<

i suggest the victims complain to INSURANCE COMMISION so PPLIC can learn their lesson, their LICENSE CAN BE REVOKE guys

here's the INSURANCE COMMISSION, take care everyone

Anonymous said...

ang KIKITID naman NG MGA UTAK ninyo... my Goodness! how can you spread news na hindi naman talaga tama! please please... THINK before you POST! how can u tell people na u were being deceived by these people in PPLIC? why did allow yourself to sign for their authority to debit and charge waiver kung hindi ka naman talaga interesado and hindi mo nman nkita how important the policy is?

Jessica said...

I'm not a big fan of Phil. Prudential and the way they sell their policy specially if you're in the mall. I hate it when they would approach you and insist that they "talk" to you. Cheap gimmick!

Another thing that I hate about them is that they are spamming me via SMS. I've written about my experience with this company in my blog.

Anonymous said...

My pension plan I bought from prudential , when I was in Hong Kong.It's been matured last 2011.can you imagine the costumer service rep told me, we're no longer in business ! It's up to the insurance commissions if I could get my money back? After all,they used my money for 15 years ,just like that? my heart is broken.

Anonymous said...

The prudential should be investigated by the Govt .why? because that's a crime what they are doing. that's the money from the public. somebody using the money from the people.